Worship Band Questionnaire Analysis

About a month ago I made a questionnaire to help me prepare for presenting at this summer’s Alleluia Conference at Baylor. I wanted to ask friends and acquaintances questions about what new songs they are singing and what technology they use for worship.

The response was outstanding! I emailed the survey to several friends who filled it out. I also got responses from Twitter, the Facebook Group “The Baptist Review,” and the Facebook Group “Liturgy Fellowship.” In the end I received 36 responses from churches in at least 10 different states, Canada, and Scotland. WAY COOL! So this is by no means an authoritative research study. The responses simply represent some of my real life friends and online peeps.

Here is the spreadsheet that includes all responses to all questions: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1i_UsTayp1AJATKkbWSj6AuZM5RRpbUADvcn825BBIJc/edit?usp=sharing

Here’s some overview analysis of the questionnaire:

1. Songs Written Since 2015 Sung By the Most Churches (in descending order) *The first two songs had 10 churches, and the final ones at the bottom had at least 2 churches

O Praise the Name (Anastasis) -Hillsong

Living Hope -Phil Wickham

His Mercy is More -Matt Boswell, Matt Papa

What a Beautiful Name -Hillsong

Build My Life -Patt Barrett/Housefires/Passion

Death Was Arrested -North Point InsideOut

O Come To the Altar -Elevation Worship

The lion and the lamb -Bethel/Leeland Mooring

Who You Say I Am -Hillsong

No Longer Slaves -Bethel

Christ is Mine Forevermore -City Alight

Is He Worthy? -Andrew Peterson

O Lord, My Rock and My Redeemer -Sovereign Grace Worship

Do It Again -Elevation Worship

King of My Heart -John Mark McMillan/Bethel

Resurrecting -Elevation Worship

He Will Hold Me Fast -Matt Merker/Gettys

Only a Holy God -City Alight

Reckless Love -Bethel/Cory Asbury

All Glory Be to Christ -Dustin Kensrue

Facing a Task Unfinished -Keith & Kristyn Getty

Come Behold the Wondrdous Mystery -Matt Boswell,Matt Papa,Michael Bleeker

This is Our God -Sovereign Grace Worship

Grace -City Alight

My Victory -Crowder

Rejoice -Dustin Kensrue

Jesus is Alive -City Alight

2. Presentation Software

23 churches use ProPresenter, followed by three that use Media Shout, three that use Easy Worship, and two that use Proclaim. My own church uses Proclaim. I have used ProPresenter in the past as well. I find both to be really good.

3. Worship Planning Software

27 out of 36 churches use Planning Center Online to plan worship.

4. In-Ear Monitors

17 Churches that responded use in-ear monitors. The most popular options were the Aviom system (7 ) and the Behringer (6) in-ear monitors that work with the Behringer X32 sound board.